Georgia Bar Posts Updated Exam Rules

Planning to take the Georgia bar exam in July? Make sure to read carefully the updated Rules, Procedures and Instructions for the July 2022 Georgia Bar Examination. They have just been posted by the Office of Bar Admissions. The updated Rules include changes related to COVID-19 protocols and requirements, as well as logistics at the bar exam venue. These Rules are mandatory; they cover items you are REQUIRED to bring; items you MAY bring; and items you are PROHIBITED from bringing. They also have instructions and guidance related to laptops; daily schedule; dress code; and lots of other essential information.

The bar will hold you responsible for knowing and complying with these Rules, so you’ll want to get very familiar with them. Please don’t rely on any interpretation from friends who took an earlier exam. These are new Rules; much has changed in the last two years; and the only authoritative interpretation comes from the Office of Bar Admissions itself, which is the administrative division of the Supreme Court of Georgia responsible for the admission of attorneys to the practice of law in Georgia.

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