Bar Review Courses

Virtually all Emory Law graduates take a bar review course between graduation and the bar exam itself. Signing up for such a course is highly recommended, by the fall of your last year at the latest. Not taking a comprehensive bar review course is a risk factor for failing the bar exam on your first attempt. If you make a deposit earlier in your law school career, most bar review vendors will provide law school study aids at no additional cost, to support your academic strategies during law school. There are several reputable commercial bar review courses and some hold summer classes in our building when onsite courses are allowed by the university; many of our new graduates will continue to study at Emory Law while they prepare for the bar exam, pandemic circumstances permitting.

In October 2021, the AccessLex Institute launched a more affordable bar review course called Helix, which has been in the works for three years and will be sold at cost to law students and graduates preparing for a bar exam. For details, go here: Helix Bar Review.The Helix MPRE course will be free. FAQs about the full bar review course are here: Helix Bar Review FAQs.

Some of the largest who visit Emory Law regularly to talk to students on weekdays include:

BARBRI Bar Review

Kaplan Bar Review

Themis Bar Review

National Jurist magazine has published a comprehensive listing of bar review courses and options, including short supplemental courses like BarWrite Global, with information provided by the companies themselves: National Jurist Guide to Bar Review Courses. Their presence on any of these lists does not imply endorsement. Another supplemental study aid some of our students have found helpful is AdaptiBar, which is a standalone online MBE simulator and practice tool.

Not all commercial courses or study aids include practice with actual released MBE questions. Ask your course’s representatives whether they do; if they do not, but the course is otherwise the right option for you, don’t worry — Emory Law has bought access to the full suite of NCBE study aids for all graduating students. Contact Anne Herold for information on getting access. Some released MBE questions are also included in published study supplements like the most recent edition of Emanuel’s Strategies & Tactics for the MBE.

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