Alert re Windows 10 Creator on the Bar Exam; Other Restrictions

If you plan to use a PC running Microsoft when you take the bar exam, there is important information about the recent update to Windows 10 Creator. IT IS NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED BY THE EXAMSOFT SOFTWARE you will use on the bar exam and does not meet ExamSoft’s minimum system requirements for the Georgia bar exam. Other states may have a different position on it. From the ExamSoft website  for the Georgia bar exam, together with other reminders:


    • Windows Devices such as Surface Pro, IPAD, and any other Tablet Devices ARE NOT ALLOWED. 
    • Microsoft Windows 10 Creator does not meet ExamSoft’s minimum system requirements and is not supported by ExamSoft.  DO NOT upgrade to Windows 10 Creator if you intend to use your laptop for the Bar Examination.
  • MacBook Pro with Touch Bar computers ARE NOT ALLOWED. 
  • External keyboards (wired or wireless), Mouse devices (wired or wireless), USB keys, CDs, or any other storage devices ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Bar officials in Georgia may require you to handwrite the bar exam if you bring a laptop with Windows 10 Creator on it, so please take care of this ahead of time. If you will take the bar exam in another state, check directly with that state for their instructions for laptop use.

Please make sure to check back on your state’s bar examination website and the appropriate ExamSoft website for any updated information, such as the Georgia Bar webpage on laptop use  and minimum system requirements.  And while you are on your bar’s website, make sure to review ALL rules, restrictions and requirements. If you breach one of those, even accidentally, you risk not being allowed to sit for the exam. That problem is easy to avoid if you double-check the requirements!