Bowling Together at Emory Sociology

OK, here’s a place where I could make some bad jokes about “bowling alone.” Instead, I’ll take the high road and say that, this year, Emory Sociology continued its annual tradition of bowling together.

Pirkey's Pointless Plight

Pirkey’s Pointless Plight

Some 30 or so stalwart sociologists (along with family and friends) gathered at Midtown Bowl on February 27th. Stoked by appetizers and good-natured ribbing, they often showed why they’re sociologists rather than professional bowlers. We see here, for instance, Melissa Pirkey (our social psych post-doctoral fellow) lamenting the inglorious gutter-ball (and hers was not the only one). That’s not to say that good bowlers were absent. Frank Lechner showed prowess — in terms of his score and instruction. Jared Bok demonstrated that his smooth delivery is not limited to the classroom.

Lechner's Lane Lecture

Lechner’s Lane Leadership

Low-scores or high-scores, what really mattered was the fun. For that, I must give a shout-out to COGS (Coalition of Graduate Sociologists) for initiating this 2016 event and to graduate student Allison Roberts for making all the necessary arrangements.

There’s an old quip that sociologists are bad at being social. Saturday’s event showed that’s not true for Emory Sociology. It also showed that, while league bowling may be down in terms of numbers, bowling together still happens.

Bok's Balletic Bowling

Bok’s Balletic Bowling

Allison Roberts

Allison Roberts

Bowling Together

Bowling Together — or They Were Bowling Together. Now, They’re Standing Together.