Contact Emory Sociology

Emory Sociology is located in the heart of an Atlanta campus. In particular, we are housed on four floors of Tarbutton Hall, with our Department Office found in Room 225. You can locate Tarbutton Hall by referring to this map.Tarbutton Hall

Although it’s now the 21st century, we haven’t yet thrown away our landline phone. Hence, you can call us at 404-727-7510 or slowly send paper documents over a phone line (i.e., “fax”) at 404-727-7532.

Of course, you can also reach us by way of email. For general inquires, you can reach us at socinfo at emory (dot) edu. For more specific requests, you can email the following individuals at these addresses:

  • Department Chair (Timothy J. Dowd): tdowd at emory (dot) edu
  • Academic Department Administrator (Pat Hamilton): phamil2 at emory (dot) edu
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies (Jeff Mullis): jeff.muills at emory (dot) edu
  • Undergraduate Coordinator (Brandon Mitchell): brandon.mitchell at emory (dot) edu
  • Director of Graduate Studies (Ellen Idler): eidler at emory (dot) edu
  • Graduate Recruitment Chair (Roberto Franzosi): rfranzo at emory (dot) edu
  • Department Accountant (Kimberly D. Hall): kdhall at emory (dot) edu.

Finally, you can keep track of Emory Sociology events by way of our Google Calendar, and you can keep apprised of Emory Sociology’s happenings and news by way of Facebook and Twitter.