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1632 年,明朝王翚出生在江苏。他是一位山水画的名家,也是清朝四位王姓山水画家之一。王翚,王时敏,王建,王原祁是四王。王时敏和王建教王翚画山水。从1691到1698,王翚管理很多画山水的康熙帝南巡图。我选这张画因为细节很漂亮很有意思,我也喜欢这张画的颜色。


Wang Hui of this landscape is beautiful. Painting, the two recorded the color of themountain, the mountain is so high, from the mountains, rivers, there are some small building, a wide variety of tree. You understand the weather is bad, because on theFangshan Yun. Next to the surface water there is a person, I think he is now fishing.Painting more than half are recorded in color, but some mountains in the stone a littleorange. Small building between the mountains.
In 1632, the Ming Wang Hui was born in Jiangsu Province. He is a landscape paintingof the famous, but also a four surnamed Wang of the Qing Dynasty landscape painters.Wang Hui and Wang Shimin, Wang Jian, Wang Yuan Qi is four king. Wang Shimin andWang Jian, Wang Hui, teach painting landscapes. From 1691 to 1698, painting landscapes in the management of Wang Hui Emperor Kangxi southern tour map. I chose this painting because the details are very beautiful and very interesting, I also likethe color of this painting.
Usually I like nature. Wang Hui painted and drew a lot of life. In Walking give me peacein Samly. I want to get on that road also smell the water of the waterfall and the smell ofthe trees. I know what floor, not a hotel, but I like to think it is. In this way, I can stay.

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