Danielle Berkowsky

千里江山图 (A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains)

千里江山图是一幅很有名的中国山水画。 画里有山有水。画是绿色、蓝色、黑色和黄色。因为千里江山图是大得不得了的,所以很难看到画里的小东西。比如,画中有很多的树和人。还有房子和几只船。这个画表现了古代中国的生活。


我看这张画的时候,我觉得中国宋朝以来变化得很多。我希望今天的山水跟这个山水一样,可是现在有很多的污染。拿北京来说吧,有一个污染危机。中国脏是脏,但是漂亮得很。千里江山图叫我想起我住在中国的时候。这张画看起来很安静,很放松, 让我想去中国看山水。我知道这张画大得不得了,可是我还想亲眼看看千里江山图。

“A Thousand Li of River and Mountains” is a very famous Chinese landscape painting. It has mountains and water. This painting is green, blue, black, and yellow. Because “A Thousand Li of River and Mountains” is extremely big, it is hard to see the small things in the painting. For example, the painting has many trees and people. It also has houses and some boats. This painting shows ancient Chinese society.

Wang Ximeng painted “A Thousand Li of River and Mountains.” In 1096, he was born. He was the most famous painter of the Song Dynasty. Emperor Huizong taught Wang Ximeng. In 1119, he died. He was 23 years old.

When I see this painting, I think about how China has changed a lot since the Song Dynasty. I wish today’s scenery and this landscape were the same, but today there is a lot of pollution. For example, Beijing has a very big pollution crisis. But although China is polluted, it is very beautiful. “A Thousand Li of River and Mountains” makes me remember when I used to live in China. This painting appears very quiet and very relaxing, and it makes me want to go to China. I know this painting is extremely big but I want to see it with my own eyes.

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