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张择端是宋代著名画家。我之所以选择“清明上河图”,是因为它在历史中很重要。这是非常重要的,因为它给人们在宋代的生活理念 。我选择了这幅画,因为我对这幅画中所有不同的人很感兴趣。我喜欢看所有的人在做的事情。我也喜欢了解张择端对于那段历史的看法。


This painting is known as the “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” painted by Zhang Zeduan. This picture says a lot of things. This picture shows more than 550 people. All of these people have different facial expressions. They also are wearing clothes of different colors. However, the most important idea in the painting is the life of the common people.

Zhang Zeduan, who painted the picture, was a famous painter who lived during the Song Dynasty. This picture that I selected, ” Along the River During the Qingming Festival “, was probably the most important historical painting that he created. This is very important because it gives the philosophy of life of the people in the Song Dynasty. I chose this picture because I am interested in all the different people in the picture. I like to see all the people are doing things. I also like looking at the past from the point of view of Zhang Zeduan.

What I see is a large group of people who are all very busy. I also see a world that is very different from today. Everyone seems to have things that they are doing. Because there are so many activities going on, there is a lot to look at. I will always be curious as to what the people in the picture are doing.

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