Hyun Jin Kim



五牛图 (Five Oxen)

   “五牛图”是中国最有名的动物画儿之一。这张画儿表现五只牛,各个牛有不一样的姿态:一只在看上面,一只在看后面,一只在走动,一只在吃草,另外的在冥想。五只牛的颜色都不同,有的是黄色或者褐色,有的是有斑纹的,色彩又美又活灵活现。这张画儿是横排的, 大概140厘米。画家用很厚的毛笔,为了表示牛的力气和勇壮。



“Five Oxen” is one of the most famous Chinese animal paintings. This painting describes five oxen each has different postures: one is looking up, one is looking back, one is walking, one is eating grass, and the other one is meditating. Five oxen’s colors are all different, some are yellow or brown and some have spots. Colors are very beautiful and vivid. This painting is drawn horizontally and is about 140cm long. The painter used very thick brush in order to describe oxen’s strength and boldness.

During Tang Dynasty, Han Huang drew this painting. He not only is a famous painter but also have political power because his main job is prime minister. His famous paintings all describe animals, such as ox, sheep, and donkey. Unfortunately, his paintings are all lost except “Five Oxen”. I chose this painting because I think Han Huang well-symbolized oxen’s energy and hard work.

This painting reminds me of a person. I think ox is similar to person because ox and person both diligently work. The painter drew this painting because he truly appreciated ox’s hard labor.

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