Jee E. Suk

“洞天山堂”(Taoist Temple in the Mountains)

这幅画是东元的“洞天山堂”。这幅画有山脉、树木、岩石、桥梁和寺庙。山脉、树木、岩石都被云彩环绕。在桥梁上有三位先生。 他们似乎享受着潺潺流的声音。这幅画有两种颜色,黑色和白色。黑白的色彩给人们很深的印象。



This painting is “Taoist temple in the mountains”. This painting has mountains, trees, rocks, bridge and temple. All of mountains, trees and rocks are covered by clouds. There are three gentlemen standing on a bridge. They are seem to enjoy the sound of the murmuring stream.

Tung Yuan is a famous landscape painter of the Southern T’ang. Tung Yuan’s major contribution was the final perfection of the modelling brushstroke, which is basic to Chinese landscape painting. He was a principal innovator of hemp fiber brush stroke. This technique gives third dimensional effects in the treatment of rocks.

I chose “Taoist temple in the mountains” because fogs around the peaks is particularly interesting. Some of trees are barely revealing their tops above the floating clouds. This painting conveys a sense of peacefulness.

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