Youjin C. Kim


在这幅画里有一组山。他们看起来他们是一个大的山脉。他们有不一样的颜色,如绿色和蓝色。 画的中间有很多的树。各棵树的叶片有不一样的颜色,比如说红色、白色、粉红色、绿色、蓝色等等。在山和树的周围有一些云。这些云大部分是白色和蓝色。在画的左上面有中国字,它是这幅画的标题。在这幅画的右下边有一个老人。他穿白色中国传统的服装。他在往山上走。

蓝瑛画了这幅名为白云红树图的画。蓝瑛(ca.1585-1664)是一位明朝时代的画家,他画山水、人物、花鸟。蓝瑛出生在杭州,他早期生活在杭州。蓝瑛画的是一个立轴。他在丝绸上用墨和水彩。画的尺寸是189.4 x48厘米。这是一个很长的画。


In the painting, a group of mountains are drawn. They seem like they were one big range of mountains. They are colored in different colors, such as green and blue. In the middle of the painting, there are many trees. Trees are colored in different colors of leaves, such as red, white, pink, green, blue, etc. Some clouds are surrounding the mountains and trees. Those clouds are mostly white and blue. At the top left of the painting, there are Chinese characters written. It is the title of this painting. At the bottom right of the painting, there is one old man. He is wearing white traditional Chinese clothes. He is walking towards the mountain.

Lan Ying painted this painting named “White Clouds and Red Trees”. Lan Ying was a painter who draws landscapes, human figures, flowers and birds during the Ming dynasty. Lan Ying was born in Hangzhou and spent most of his early life there. His painting is a Hanging scroll. He used ink and colors on silk to draw. The painting’s size is 189.4 x 48 cm. this is a long painting.

If I were a painter, I would make the color more realistic and add more animals such as tiger or rabbit to make it more real. The various bright and vivid colors of the mountain and trees that artist used seems very interesting, but it gives the feeling that the painting has more than one season. Since I prefer realistic painting, I would like to choose a particular season to draw.


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