Dong Ryul Lee



This painting is a mountain and water painting. In the middle of this painting there is a house. There are also green trees surrounding this house. Other than trees, there are many beautiful trees and water in this painting. On the water there is a boat, and on the boat there is a person. The painter of this painting is Huang Gui Ting. He was born in Gui Lin in 1971. He graduated from Gui Lin’s Graduate School of Mountain and Water paintings. Because this picture looks very pretty and looks similar to the scenery of Gui Lin, I chose this painting. In high school I travelled to Gui Lin with my classmates. This picture allows me to reminisce the time I went to Gui Lin. When I was at Gui Lin, I saw many beautiful mountains, green trees, and clean water. This painting has all of these qualities, so I think Huang Gui Ting thought about Gui Lin while painting this artwork. Although this painting looks familiar to Gui Lin, I think Gui Lin is not as clean as the scenery in the painting. When I was in Gui Lin, there were many people and many houses. I think the message that Huang Gui Ting is trying to say is, ‘Because the population is higher than before, nature is not as clean as before’ or ‘Although there is a lot a pollution in China, there are still clean places will beautiful scenery.’ If I make a lot of money, I want to buy this painting and hang it on the wall.

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