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This landscape painting was painted by Shen Zhou. In the painting there is a mountain, with a lot of clouds wrapping its base. Behind some tall trees is a building. In the background there are more mountains and clouds. On top of the mountain is a poet, he wrote a poem in the sky. This poem talks about the poet’s feelings about this peaceful scenery.

Shen Zhou was a painter from the Ming dynasty. His most famous paintings are landscapes, but he also painted a lot of flower and bird paintings. He is also a poet. On many of his paintings you will find poems he wrote. This is because he equated painting with meditating, so he wanted to share his thoughts about the paintings in the poems. Scholars call him one of the four masters of the Ming dynasty. I picked this painting because it is both very beautiful and it is also meaningful.

Because the painter is on top of the mountain, therefore he is the master of nature. A landscape painter like Shen Zhou is also the master of nature. If I were in this painting I would talk to the poet, look at the scenery, or sit under the trees.

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