Halim Kim

halim这张漂亮的画是张泽端的“清明上河图”,英文标题是“Along the River During the Qingming Festival”. 这张广角的画很有名,也很大。张泽端其他的‘山水’画也都很有名。我觉得这张画很有意思,因为你可以看开封的风景,和开封人过清明节的时候的喜庆气氛。我最喜欢这张画的河和树木的颜色。颜色不太明也不太黑。照片还有中国特色的家和建筑。虽然我很喜欢这张画,如果我是画家,我希望重画这些人们。我希望加入人们的脸,这样就可以看看人们的过清明节的时候高兴的表情!我也希望加很多动物,比如狗、牛和马。但是我觉得这张已经很漂亮,开封的风景和环境很美。很多人说说,这张画是中国的蒙娜丽莎。两张画都很有名,可是我更喜欢张泽端的画。现在这张画是在北京的博物馆。我很希望我将来可以去看这张画!


This beautiful painting is Zhang Ze Duan’s “清明上河图“ or the English title is “Along the River During the Qingming Festival.” This panorama painting is very famous, and very big. Other ‘mountain-water’ paintings of Zhang Zeduan are also famous. I think this painting is interesting because you can see Kaifeng’s scenery, and Kaifeng people’s festive atmosphere when celebrating Qingming Festival. I like the color of the river and the trees most. The colors are not too bright, not too dark. The painting also has houses and architecture of Chinese characteristics. Although I really like this painting, if I were a painter, I would change the people in this painting. I want to add people’s faces, so you can see the happy faces of people celebrating Qingming Festival! I also want to add many animals, such as dogs, cows, and horses. But I think this picture is already very beautiful, and Kaifeng’s scenery and environment is very beautiful. Many people say this painting is China’s “Mona Lisa”. Both picture are famous and renowned, but I prefer Zhang Zeduan’s painting. Currently, this picture is in a museum in Beijing. I hope in the future I can go see this painting!

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