Helina Iyob-Tessema

第十六作文: 传统中国的


请看这张图画, 那么好看!   一个很有名的中国画家画这张图,他叫郑燮。他的画只有一些竹,可是也有一个小故事。你看起来,图画没有太多颜色,只是黑色的竹和驼色的背景,可是又简单,又票亮。郑燮画的竹都很高,我觉得竹不是太高,所以郑燮可能是以一个小孩子的视角画这张图画。因为小孩子很小,所以所有的东西看起来都很高。再说,图画也很平和。没有太多东西,所以看图画的人不会分心。我觉得画自然的图画很漂亮,因为我很喜欢去自然里静坐。郑燮也可能喜欢去自然静坐所以他可以画这张画。我觉得郑燮想要人宁静和开心。


综上所述,我觉得郑燮的画很漂亮。他用自然的简单素质让他的画很漂亮。可是你还不知道郑燮是谁?所以请给我机会告诉你: 郑燮是一个江苏人。很多人知道他另一个人的名字,鄭板橋。他的家人没有很多钱, 可是他是一个很用功的人。他逐渐提高他的能力,所以最后,他变成了山东的知府。可是他辞职了,因为出现了一些问题。辞职以后,他用艺术来表过自己。他特别喜欢去自然画兰花、石头和竹。这张画是他最有名的作品。

Take a look at this picture, so nice! A famous Chinese painter by the name of Zheng Xie drew this painting. His painting is made up of only bamboo, but it tells a story. As you can see, the picture doesn’t have much color’ the bamboo is colored black, and the tan background makes the painting very simple, yet so beautiful. Zheng Xie painted the bamboo to look very tall. In my opinion, I don’t think bamboo is very tall, so perhaps Zheng Xie wanted to draw this painting from the perspective of a young child. Because children are so small, to them, everything looks very tall. Moreover, the picture is very peaceful. There aren’t too many things in the painting, so when people look at this painting, there aren’t many things distracting them. I think this painting depicts nature very beautifully; I like to go out to nature and meditate. Perhaps, Zheng Xie wanted to meditate in nature too when he drew this painting. I think the emotions Zheng Xie wanted his viewers to be reminded of is that of serenity and happiness.

In summary, I thing Zheng Xie’s painting is very beautiful. He used the simple essence of nature to create a very beautiful picture. However, you may wonder who Zheng Xie is? Please allow me to tell you a bit about him: Zheng Xie was a Chinese painter from Jiangsu. A lot of people know him from his more commonly used name, Zheng Banqiao. His family didn’t have a lot of money, but he was a very hardworking person. He made sure to continue improving his grades and testing, until one day he became a magistrate in Shangdong. However, he resigned after some problems arose. After his resignation he used art to express himself. He especially loved drawing things in nature such as orchids, stones, and bamboo. This picture of bamboo is one of his most famous.


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