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       千里江山图是一幅非常大的画。实际上这张画是中国历史上最大的画之一,也是最伟大的中国作品之一。这张手卷有 1,191.5 厘米长,和 51.5 厘米宽。王希孟在丝绸上作画,用了华彩的水墨。千里江山图的背景色是深金色。在这张手卷上除了有很多青色的大山以外还有湖、乡镇、桥、树、船等等。如果我在这张画,我会想探索风景.比如说我会想爬青色的大山,横渡湖。我觉得这幅作品给我一种庄重的情感。

1113 年,王希孟画了千里江山图。当他画完这长作品的时候,他只有十八岁。可惜王希孟在二十三岁的时候便死去了。王希孟名为神通,是北宋有名的画家。宋徽宗其实亲自教王希孟。因为王希孟是艺术的神童,我想学他的作品。再说,我想学习王希孟的千里江山图,因为我觉得这张作品显示出了古代中国的美丽风景。


Wang Ximeng’s A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains

A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains is an extremely big painting. As a matter of fact, this painting is one of the largest paintings in Chinese history and one of China’s greatest artwork.  Wang Ximeng painted on silk. In addition, he used rich colors of ink. The background of A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains is a dark gold color. Not only does this hand scroll have a lot of blue-green, majestic mountains, but it also has lakes, villages, bridges, trees, boats, and so on. If I were in this picture, I would want to explore the landscape. For example, I would want to climb the majestic mountains and sail across the lakes. I think this painting gives a solemn, dignified emotion.

Wang Ximeng painted A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains in the year of 1113. When he finished painting this artwork, he was only eighteen years old. Unfortunately, Wang Ximeng passed away when he was only twenty-three years old. Wang Ximeng was known as a prodigy and was the most renowned painter of the Northern Song Dynasty. Emperor Huizong actually personally taught Wang Ximeng. Because Wang Ximeng is known as an art prodigy, I wanted to study his artwork. Also, I wanted to study Wang Ximeng’s A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains because I think this artwork displays ancient China’s beautiful scenery.

During the Northern Song dynasty, China’s dynasty controlled a lot of land. I think Wang Ximeng drew a very long, very immense so he could show Northern Song dynasty’s prosperity. In addition, Wang Ximeng drew a lot of villages and a lot of boats because the Northern Dong dynasty experienced a very big population growth and technology growth.

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