Elaina Kim


在历史上,中国画家选的艺术主题又传统又有意思,很特别。比如很多画家画了动物成是风景。 中国古典艺术又独特又重要,所以今天很多中国人重视这古典艺术。这幅画的主题是在花园里的一座大塔。在大塔里边有一男子。我知道他很重要,因为在塔周围有很多官员。在画的背景中,除了有大山以外,还有很多树。现在已经晚了。月亮高高挂在天上。这个画家不使用很多颜色,可是除了黑色墨水,在树上有点儿粉红色的花。这晚上天空很平静安静。每个人都显得非常平静,享受宁静的气氛。


我很喜欢这幅画,因为虽然这张画很小,细节都是很漂亮的。第一次我看的时候觉得风景不热闹,很普通。可是美在细节。宫廷生活常常被描述得很热闹很正式;但马麟画的与现实相反。如果我在这个现场我也会放松,很高兴。我跟那位先生一起很安静地享受风景 。

 “Beauty in the Small Details”

Throughout history, Chinese painters have chosen the subjects of their art to be traditional, interesting, and very special. For example, many painters paint animals or scenery. Classical Chinese art is unique and important, so many Chinese people today attach importance to this classical art.

The subject of this painting is a large tower in a garden. Inside the large tower is a man. I can tell he is very important because there are many officials surrounding the tower. In addition to the mountain in the background of the painting, there are many trees. It’s late in the evening. The moon is high in the sky. The painter does not use a lot of color, but in addition to black ink, there are little pink flowers on the tree. This evening the sky was very calm and quiet. It seems like everyone is very calm and enjoying the quiet atmosphere.

This picture is painted by Ma Lin. Many members of his family were also painters who served the emperor (12th century). Ma Yuan, Ma Lin’s father is also a famous painter.

I really like this picture, because the small details are very beautiful. At first, I see the landscape is not lively, very ordinary. But the real beauty is in the details. Court life is often described as very lively and very formal; Ma Lin painted and the reality is the opposite. If I were present in this scene, I would be relaxed and very happy. With the gentleman in the tower, I would be very quiet and also enjoy the scenery.