Jung Min Han


 你们看到了什么?这是一条大蛇!我选这张画儿, 因为今年是蛇年!

这个地方在乡村里。这条蛇是在画儿的中间,因为蛇是很重要的主题。我很喜欢画儿的颜色。蛇是咖啡、 姜黄和白色的。 这个蛇的皮肤又滑、又美丽。石头给我留下了很好的印象,因为显得很真实。画家不但用了黑色的颜料,而且也用了白色的颜料。画中没有山,可是有很多树和小河。 树的颜色是绿色和蓝色混合起来的。


把蛇画在美丽的环境里,我觉得张大悲想让我同时感觉恐怕和幸福。有的人可能不喜欢这个画, 有的人可能喜欢。 我看这个画的时候,我想出来很有意思的故事。在故事的开始蛇非常饿,所以蛇一边等青蛙或者鱼来,一边享受安静的气氛。我看这个画的时候,可以听到清屏的河。我也想坐在石头的上面,感受凉爽的风。


What do you see? This is a big snake! I picked this painting because this year is the snake year!

The setting is in country. The snake is position in the middle because it is considered as the main theme of the painting. I really like the choice of color. The snake is painted with dark brown, light brown and white. The snake’s skin is very smooth and beautiful. The rock gave a good impression on me because it appears real. It not only used black but also used white. The painting doesn’t have mountains but has lots of trees and a small river. The color of the tree is a blend of green and blue colors.

Zhang dai bei is the artist. He went to Guangdong Art School to study oil painting. Since he graduated, he painted lots of oil paintings. He is now a professional artist. He loves to paint animals, for example, birds, fish, and reptiles. As soon as I saw the painting, I chose it. I not only attach importance to animals but also I wanted to share my joy to others about my love for animals. I hope I can paint animal with my own hand, especially panda.

By painting the snake in beautiful environment, I think the painter wanted me to feel both fear and happiness. Some people might don’t like it and some people might like this painting. When I looked at the painting, I came up with an interesting story. The story begins with the hungry snake is waiting for a fish or frog to come out but at the same time the snake seem to enjoy the quiet atmosphere. I feel as though I can hear the slow waterfall. I would like to sit on the rock and feel the cool wind.

It is obvious that I really like this painting. I hope you will like it too.