Kelly Lin

A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains 千里江山

我选这幅画的名字是千里江山。 这幅画表现中国山河的美丽。王希孟虽然没有用很亮的然颜,但是他把河流和山用蓝色和土色表现得很好。 背景是金色、土色和暗绿色,表现了中国的强大 。在这幅画的上半部他用比较黑暗的颜色表现邪恶。


当大家一看这幅画,只注意到这幅画的风景和美丽,可是这幅画有更深的意思。在宋朝的时候,皇帝不太管国家的事,所以老百姓有一些抱怨。王希孟想表现他内心对国家的希望。我看了这幅画以后很感动。我从小学画,可是只学过人物画。我觉得山水画很有深度, 我希望将来有机会可以学山水画。

This painting is called A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains. The painting shows the beauty of the three rivers of China. Although the painting is not very bright, Wang Ximeng paints the rivers and mountains with blue and earthy colors. The background is gold, earth tones, and dark green, signifying China’s strength. The top of the painting has a semi-dark color, indicating a looming evil.

Wang Ximeng is a famous Song Dynasty painter. He is very good at painting Sanshui works. He was eighteen years old when he painted this work, and this piece is the only art work passed down. He died very young. I chose the painting because I have never been to China, but I am very interested in Chinese culture. I like the stuff of ancient China. If you look carefully, you can see the vivid landscape, trees, houses, and people.

Upon seeing this painting, individuals only see the scenery, but this picture has deeper meaning. In the Song Dynasty, the emperor did not care too much for his country, leading to many complaints among the people. Wang Ximeng want to express the hope of his heart. I was very moved by this painting. I painted figure paintings at a younger age. I think the Sanshui drawings are very deep, and I hope that I can learn Sanshui painting.