Kyung H. Hong

Travelers Among Mountains and Streams (谿山行旅)

这张山水画是中国很有名的画。中国人叫这张画“溪山行旅”。“溪山行旅”是宋朝的。 他叫范宽。这张山水画没有很多颜色。范宽只用黑色和红色。他写的字都是红色的。他画的东西都是黑色的。这张画里有高高的山,长长的河水,大大的石头和非常漂亮的树。



如果我是“溪山行旅”的画家,我要用很多明亮的颜色。比如说,我要绿绿的树、蓝蓝色河水、白白的石头。 因为我非常喜欢中国的熊猫,我也要画熊猫。画熊猫?那我得要画竹木! 因为现在我不打工,所以我不能挣钱。 可是,我长大以后拿薪水的时候,我得要买这张山水画。

This painting is known as the “Travelers Among Mountains and Streams. The artist of the painting is Fan Kuan from Song Dynasty. The painting is drawn with ink. The writings are in red. The drawings are in black. We can see mountains, trees, rocks, water stream, and water fall in the painting.

Fan Kuan is a native of Hua Yuan which is known as Yao Xian in Shan Xi province today. He was known for his magnanimous character, straightforward personality in the past. However, he is known for his landscape painting today.

I like this painting because not only it is a very old piece of art but also there is no color. In addition, it is a beautiful piece of art and it shows great care for environment.

If I was the painter, I would add some bright colors to make the painting more beautiful and vivid. In addition, I would like to add animals. Because I like pandas very much, I would like to darw pandas. Draw pandas? Then I must draw bamboos too! If I have enough money I will certainly buy this painting.