Yun Kyung Ji

这张画中有一只小鸟站在树枝上。这树枝上有一些绿色的叶子,还有一些花尖上的分支, 看起来像是它们刚刚开花。 中间的鸟吸引了我。黄头,雪白的脖子,红色的胸部和黑色的尾巴,让这张画非常美丽也很丰富多彩。 黑色的尾巴是非常详细的,尾部有几个不同的花纹。 这幅画的左下角是另一个树枝,它似乎很遥远,因为它是比较小的。

这张画画于宋代, 艺术家是趙佶。他1082年出生,1135年死了。他是宋代最有名的皇帝之一。他是一位诗人、画家和音乐家。他画了超过六千幅作品。因为鸟和花吸引我的目光,我选择了这幅画。鸟,花和蝴蝶的微小细节都很可爱。

在春天时,当天气终于开始变得温暖,阳光照下来,风吹。 粉红色的花朵开始绽放,鸟儿开始唧唧, 蝴蝶开始四处飞。 只是在想这些就会让我微笑,并希望春天很快到来。 如果我在这幅画中,我会在背景中仰望天空,感受自然。

The painting has a small bird that stands on a tree branch. This tree branch also has several green leaves in addition to several flowers on the tip of the branches. The flowers seem like they just recently blossomed. The bird in the middle caught my attention. The yellow head and the white neck, red chest, and the black tail make the whole painting seem very beautiful and colorful. The black tail is very detailed; the tail has several patterns. The tree in the bottom left of the painting seems far away because it is relatively small.

The painting is from the Song Dynasty, and the artist is Zhao Ji. He was born in 1082 and died in 1135. He was the eighth and one of the most famous emperors of the Song Dynasty. He was a skilled poet, painter, and musician. He painted more than 6000 paintings. I chose this painting because the bird and the flowers are caught my eyes. The tiny details of the bird, the flower, and the butterflies are all so cute.

In the springtime, when the weather finally starts to get warm, the sunlight comes down and winds blow. Pink flowers start to blossom, birds start to chirp, and butterflies start to fly around. Just thinking about this makes me smile and want spring to come quickly. If I were in this painting, I would be in the background gazing up at the sky to feel the nature.