Parting Words from Department Chair, Dr. Tim Lash

Parting Words from Department Chair, Dr. Tim Lash

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Dear Epidemiology Department Students,

As the fall semester comes to its close, I want to thank you for your efforts to make it a success. Our faculty and staff work hard to share the knowledge, skills, and philosophy of public health that they have accumulated, and your investment of time and energy is our reward. Your enthusiasm for learning is our motivation, and in the exchange, we learn from you. We learn how to be better instructors, we learn about public health topics that are important to you, and with this learning we are reinvigorated. This exchange of energy and ideas is fundamental to the teaching mission of our department, and we are grateful for it.

I began the semester by encouraging you to commit to a core set of values, including the values of our Department: integrity, rigor, ambition, and collegiality. I have witnessed these values manifested time and again this semester, in ways big and small. We are fortunate to work and study in a community that holds to these values and expects the same from one another.

Spring semester will arrive soon, and with it plans to initiate or complete theses, practicums, job searches, and applications for further graduate study; all on top of the usual coursework and volunteer or paid public health work. It will be another exciting and fast-paced few months, and we look forward to its challenges and rewards. Between now and then, I hope you will enjoy your winter break to its full extent. Use the time to relax, enjoy, celebrate traditions, reflect on the past semester, and prepare for the one ahead of us. There is no better way to prepare than to rest; you have earned it.



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