Early Career Professionals, CSTE

Early Career Professionals, CSTE

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CSTE is currently accepting applications for interested mentors and mentees for this program. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity to build relationships and foster shared learning among applied epidemiologists. The goal is to promote the exploration of career opportunities in state, local, territorial, and tribal agencies. A previous participant described their experience:

“The mentorship program was really valuable. I developed a great connection with my mentor and really felt that this was time well spent. I was able to think about my next career steps and reflect on my values and goals.”

CSTE membership is encouraged but not required to participate. The estimated time requirement for mentors and mentees is up to two hours per month.

Consider serving as a mentor: No previous mentorship experience is required, and it is an ideal opportunity for mid-level epidemiologists. Mentors are required to have at least five years of work experience. Click here to REGISTER for the Prospective Mentor Webinar on Wednesday, September 11, at 1:00 pm EDT. During this webinar, we will answer your questions and learn more about the Mentor’s role in our program.

Early career professionals can participate as mentees: Eligible mentees should be entry-level epidemiologists who have graduated within the last five years or current students.

Previous participants: Those who have previously participated in the program are eligible to apply again. If accepted, you will be matched with a new mentee or mentor; however, please note that there have been only minor changes to the program curriculum. 

Start your application today to participate in the 2019-2020 Mentorship Program. All applications are due by September 25, 2019. Please note that all applicants may not be accepted; space is limited based on the number of mentors that apply.

For specific questions about the Mentorship Program, please email Alyaa Altabbaa at aaltabbaa [at] cste [dot] org.

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