Data Analyst, Healthcare Innovation Program

Data Analyst, Healthcare Innovation Program

***This position is REAL eligible****



Dr. Julie Gazmararian is seeking one PhD student (part-time) and one MPH REAL student to assist in a secondary data analysis examining the contributions of Social Determinants of Health to Susceptibility and Severity of COVID-19 Across the US (see proposal for details). This is a great opportunity to work with VA data on a large sample of veterans throughout the country (representing over 20 million veterans). Multiple manuscripts will be generated during this one year project. This project is also open to a potential thesis opportunity for MPH students. 

Candidates will need to have strong analysis skills/experience so they can dive into the data cleaning and analyses. 


How to Apply 

If interested, students should contact Dr. Gazmararian directly at jagazma [at] emory [dot] edu and include a copy of their resume. 


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