2013 NFL Draft Recap Pt 2: The Pacific Northwest Dominates the PAC-12

The 2013 NFL Draft has concluded, and we would like to offer our thoughts on the ability of conferences and schools to turn high school talent into NFL Draft Picks.  We begin our team-level discussion with an analysis of the PAC-12.  (Our next conference will be the Big Ten, follow us @sportsmktprof for updates)

To reiterate from our previous post, this is only an analysis of the 2013 NFL Draft.  We are examining how many picks were produced by each school relative to their recruiting classes over the relevant corresponding period for the 2013 Draft.

Winners: While Oregon State (2 Picks) and Washington State (1 Pick) produced fewer picks than UCLA (4 Picks) or USC (4 Picks), they also had far lower ranked recruiting classes during the relevant period.  Thus, teams like Oregon State were better at converting what they started with into NFL draft material.  Oregon produced 5 draft picks, even though their recruiting classes on average were ranked lower than UCLA and USC.

Middle of the Pack: Stanford had 3 picks in the draft, but also had good recruiting classes from the Harbaugh years on the Farm.  Similarly, UCLA had 4 picks, but all of its recruiting classes were in the top 15.

Losers: Arizona State and Arizona State both averaged top 50 recruiting classes, but neither school had a draft pick in the 2013 draft.  Washington also averaged a top 50 recruiting class, but only had one pick.

By Mike Lewis & Manish Tripathi, Emory University 2013

Methodology for the study explained here.

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