2013 NFL Draft Recap Part 3: ILL-INI and Badgers in the Big 10

The 2013 NFL Draft has concluded, and we would like to offer our thoughts on the ability of conferences and schools to turn high school talent into NFL Draft Picks.  We continue our team-level discussion with an analysis of the Big Ten.  (Our next conference will be the ACC, follow us @sportsmktprof for updates)

To reiterate from our previous post, this is only an analysis of the 2013 NFL Draft.  We are examining how many picks were produced by each school, relative to their recruiting classes over the relevant corresponding period for the 2013 Draft.  As with any analysis based on essentially a single data point it’s important to remember that these results are more anecdotal than conclusive.  That said, the 2013 draft does produce results that are largely consistent with our multiyear statistical study of recruit conversion.

Winners: The winners of the 2013 draft include Illinois, Wisconsin, Purdue and Michigan State.  This is an interesting mix of schools in that it includes two teams that tend to struggle on the field (but dammit Zook could identify talent!) and two teams that are often near the top of the Big Ten standings.  Wisconsin in particular seems to excel at turning out pros.

Middle of the Pack: The next group includes several historical powers.  Ohio State is an interesting case.  While the Buckeyes went undefeated, they actually had one less draft pick than Illinois (did we mention that Zook could identify talent)..

Losers: The “losers” category also included an interesting mix of schools.  Perennial power Michigan is in this category, but we also see schools that tend to recruit at a lower level such as Indiana.

By Mike Lewis & Manish Tripathi, Emory University 2013

Methodology for the study explained here.

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