Bowl Game Apathy via Twitter

Tonight’s bowl games include the Military Bowl, Texas Bowl and the Fight Hunger Bowl.  We took a quick look at Twitter activity and Twitter share of voice (the number of Tweets referring to each bowl divided by total Tweets) for the cities represented (over the  last week).

First, we found significant differences in the Twitter activity across the three bowls.  The Military Bowl has generated the most Tweets (2215 for the search term “Military Bowl).  In contrast the Texas Bowl has generated just over 1500 tweets and the Fight Hunger Bowl fewer than 1000.  To some extent these numbers really speak to the importance of creating “local” match ups when scheduling minor bowls.  Only the Military Bowl is relatively local for the two teams playing.

The figure below shows the Twitter share of voice for the home towns of each team playing.  Again we see much more activity for the Military Bowl teams.  This further suggests that more geographically accessible games will generate more local interest.  The other striking feature is how little interest occurs in the big cities represented.  It appears that in pro sports towns having the local college play in a minor bowl barely moves the needle.

So what is today’s marketing message?  When scheduling a minor bowl make sure to cater to the right customer segment.  Choose schools in areas where the team is the big show and make match ups with convenient travel.