2014 Pro Bowl: A Twitter Success

NFL-Pro-Bowl-Draft-2014The Pro Bowl decided to change its format this year, ostensibly to boost interest in a game that according to many has been on a decline over the last few years.  We were interested to see how this year’s Pro Bowl did in terms of Twitter activity compared to the Pro Bowl last year.  Specifically, we wanted to capture the “Twitter Share of Voice” of the Pro Bowl.  This is simply the number of tweets that mention the Pro Bowl divided by the total number of tweets over a given time period.  We believe this is a better metric than comparing the year over year number of tweets mentioning the Pro Bowl, since overall activity on Twitter is growing over time.

Pro Bowl 2014 Share of VoiceWe did not expect a large growth in Pro Bowl Twitter Share of Voice, largely because this year (unlike last year) the Pro Bowl was on at the same time as the Grammy Awards.  As anyone on Twitter can attest, it seems every other tweet last night was about the Grammy Awards.  Thus, we were surprised when we found a 100% increase in Twitter Share of Voice for the Pro Bowl as compared to last year!  Our study looked at a 24 hour period starting at 10am EST on the day of the Pro Bowl.  The overall sentiment of the Pro Bowl tweets remained unchanged from last year (A 3:1 ratio of Postive to negative tweets).  It should be noted that there were still more than fifteen times the number of tweets mentioning the Grammy Awards than the Pro Bowl.  The chart on the right breakdowns the top 10 Twitter Share of Voice for the 2014 Pro Bowl at the state-level.


Mike Lewis & Manish Tripathi, Emory University 2014.