Round of 32 Recap: Twitter Sadness in Kansas, Elation in Kentucky

As part of the Goizeuta Bracket Buzz contest, we were tasked to determine which of the 16 matchups in the Round of 32 would produce the most pre-game “buzz” on Twitter.  Essentially, we looked at the 24 hour period before tip-off, and collected all tweets that mentioned either team or the match-up in that period.  The Kentucky-Wichita State matchup had the most pre-game buzz.  The chart below shows the pre-game buzz for all 16 matchups (it has been indexed with Kentucky-Wichita State as 100).  It is interesting to note that two teams in Kansas (Kansas & Wichita State) lost this weekend, and two teams in Kentucky (Louisville & Kentucky) won.  We were interested to see if this had an impact on all (not just basketball related) Twitter activity in each state.  We compared the average sentiment and volume of tweets for the three previous weekends with the sentiment and volume of tweets this past weekend in each state.  There was a 26.5% increase in the volume of tweets in Kansas this past weekend and a 9.7% increase in the volume of tweets in Kentucky.  The sentiment (the mix of positive, negative, and neutral tweets indexed between 1 and 100) of all tweets in Kansas decreased by 4.5%!  The sentiment in Kentucky increased by 1.9%.

Round 3 Pre Game

Mike Lewis & Manish Tripathi, Emory University 2014.