2013 NFL Draft Efficiency Analysis [Repost]

The 2014 NFL Draft finally begins this Thursday.  Next week, we will be providing our analysis of how well college conferences and teams performed with respect to converting high school talent into NFL draft picks.  Below, we have reposted a similar analysis from the 2013 NFL Draft.

The 2013 NFL Draft has concluded, and we would like to offer our thoughts on the ability of conferences and schools to turn high school talent into NFL Draft Picks.  We start with a conference ranking:

Our methodology for this ranking is quite straightforward.  We examine the average rating points (typically a function of the number of rated high school recruits in a class) by conference over the relevant recruiting periods for the 2013 NFL Draft.  It should be noted that our analysis is only for the 2013 Draft, and that there can be large fluctuations over time, especially on a team-by-team level.  Our previous study was for the six year period before this draft, and it only considered conversion rates for four-star and five star recruits.

Given the tremendous number of picks from the SEC, it is no surprise that the SEC dominated the NFL Draft in terms of converting its high school talent into NFL Draft picks.  What is surprising, however, is the performance of the Big East.  Even though the Big East had fewer picks than the ACC or Pac-12, it ranked higher because of its “input quality”.  Teams in the Big East managed to produce 2013 NFL draft picks with weaker high school talent on average.

Methodology for the study explained here.

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By Mike Lewis & Manish Tripathi, Emory University 2013