Manziel’s Draft Night Twitter Takeover

There was speculation last night during the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft that if Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys, the Twitterverse would “explode”.  While the Cowboys passed on Johnny Football, Manziel was still the king of Twitter last night.  We used Topsy Pro to collect all tweets in the United States between 8pm EDT and midnight last night.  In that collection of tweets, we counted up all of the tweets that included the term “Manziel”.  This accounted for 5.2% of all of the tweets in the US.  We performed a similar analysis for all tweets that were geo-coded as originating from Texas.  “Manziel” was included in 9.6% of all tweets in Texas!

Manziel Draft Night Final

The graph above plots the overall volume of tweets in the United States and tweets that included “Manziel”.  It is interesting to note that as the draft progressed and Manziel was still available for the Cowboys, the Manziel tweets started to rise, followed by a drop-off when the Cowboys drafted Zach Martin.  The largest spike in Twitter activity in the US last night was when Cleveland finally drafted Manziel.

Manish Tripathi & Mike Lewis, Emory University 2014.