WNBA Social Media Equity Rankings

We begin our summer of fan base rankings with a project done by one of our favorite Emory students – Ilene Tsao.  Ilene presents a multi-dimensional analysis of the WNBA across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The first set of rankings speak to the current state of affairs.  Seattle leads the way followed by LA and Atlanta.  In the second analysis, Ilene takes a look at what is possible in each market (by controlling for time in market and championships).  In this analysis the Atlanta Dream lead the way followed by Minnesota and Chicago.

The teams in the WNBA are constantly looking for ways to improve their brand and continue to expand their fan base. Social media provides a way to measure fan loyalty and support. In order to calculate WNBA teams’ social media equity, we collected data on each team’s followers across the three main social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We then ran a regression model to help predict followers for each platform as a function of factors such as metropolitan populations, number of professional teams, team winning percentages, and playoff achievements. After creating this model, we used the predicted number of followers and compared it to each team’s actual number of social media followers.  Our goal is to see who “over” or “under” achieves based on social media followers on average. We then ranked the WNBA teams based on the results.

The first model only used the metropolitan population and winning percentage of each team. After taking the average of the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram rankings, we found the Seattle Storm had the best performance. The Connecticut Sun and Washington Mystics consistently ranked as the bottom two teams across all three platforms, but teams like the Los Angeles Sparks and Atlanta Dream had more variation. The Dream ranked 6th for Twitter, but 1st for Instagram while the Sparks ranked 1st for Twitter and 6th for Instagram. This could be because both Instagram and the Dream recently joined the social media world and the WNBA, while the Sparks and Twitter have been around for longer. Based on raw numbers, the New York Liberty has high performance in terms of social media followers, but when we adjust for market size and winning percentage, the team does poorly.

Rankings for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram based on the metropolitan population and the teams’ winning percentages:

WNBA Social Media 1

The second model extended the previous analysis by incorporating the number of other professional teams in the area and number of WNBA championships won into the regression analysis. This model seemed to be a better fit for our data and resulted in small adjustments in the rankings. After taking the average of all three rankings with the new factors, the Atlanta Dream was ranked first while passing the Seattle Storm and Los Angeles Sparks. The Mystics were no longer consistently the worst team, but were still in the bottom half of the rankings.

Rankings based on metropolitan population, winning percentage, number of other professional teams, and number of WNBA championships:

WNBA Social Media 2Ilene Tsao, Emory University, 2015.