This blog was started to provide an outlet for research on how sports entities (leagues, teams, and players) create valuable marketing assets. The players, fans, and brands are all valuable entities that come together to make the sports we love. This blog is an analytical look at how the sports business works.

Mike Lewis joined Goizueta Business School in July 2010. Prior to obtaining a Ph.D. in Marketing from Northwestern Lewis earned an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois. He was formerly an assistant professor at the University of Florida and Washington University at St. Louis. His professional background also includes experience at Northwest Airlines. Lewis’ research focuses on issues such as consumer response to loyalty programs, methods for customer valuation and dynamic pricing. His research has appeared in the Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Retailing.

Email: mike [dot] lewis [at] emory [dot] edu




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