Fanalytics Podcast: FIFA World Cup Gender Pay Gap

A big topic making headlines right now is the FIFA Women’s World Cup. More specifically, the gender pay gap at the FIFA World Cup.

Professors Mike Lewis and Tom Smith discuss their thoughts on the wage differences between the men and women’s soccer teams on this Fanalytics podcast episode.

Tom also looks at the earning ratios of men and women athletes primarily in the United States.

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Fanalytics Video: NBA Finals & FIFA Women’s World Cup

This week on the Fanalytics video, we discuss the big story lines happening in the NBA finals and FIFA Women’s World Cup. Thanks for checking out the trending sports stories with us on Monday mornings!

AdWeek: Tim Howard Talks About the Perfect Brand Partner

AdWeek: Tim Howard Talks About the Perfect Brand Partner

As for Howard, “Tim can make some money in the U.S. I wouldn’t call it a big payday compared to other athletes,” says Paul Danforth, head of global sales at CAA Sports. Manish Tripathi, a marketing professor at Emory University who focuses on sports, advises Howard to “make deals as soon as possible. Once the World Cup ends, the enthusiasm will wane. Think Landon Donovan after he had the big goal against Algeria in the last World Cup.”

The Twitter “Value” of Goals in the 2014 World Cup

Players can use social media to grow their individual brands.  The 2014 World Cup was a great platform for players to increase their social following.  Of course there are many factors that influence why people follow others on Twitter, but it is interesting to see how performance (goals scored) during the World Cup compares to Twitter followers gained.  The chart below depicts the top goal scorers in the World Cup and the number of Twitter followers they gained from the day before the start of the World Cup to right after the final match concluded.  The number of followers gained is divided by goals scored to get a sense of how many followers each goal was “worth” or how much the players capitalized on each goal.

Social Value of Goals

Guest Entry by Abinav Bharadwaj (@Abinav_Bhar97), 2014.