Why Get Involved In Research?

If you think learning only happens in the classroom, then you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Take a good look at Emory, and you’ll find that it has one of the premiere undergraduate research programs in the country; the opportunities are practically limitless. Would you like to have an independent research grant to fund a project of your own design, or earn a fellowship to travel to the rain forests of Madagascar and explore their ecology? Opportunities such as these are available to Emory students of all disciplines. At the very least, you may find that what you learn in a research setting ¬†expands upon and finally gives meaning to the stuff in textbooks, builds up your resume, enhances your college experience, and gives you an insight into the ever-important world of research. If you’re lucky, you may even discover a passion.

For those of you that have already become involved in research, keep reading, because you may not be aware of all your options either.

Finding Research Opportunities

With all the opportunities to get involved in research, you may feel a little overwhelmed. The following links showcase some of the largest and best programs at Emory:

Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Emory

The SIRE Program

Summer Undergraduate Research at Emory

Petit Undergraduate Research Scholar Program

Research at the Fox Center: Discover Research in the Humanities 

Check back as we continue to improve and update this list!

EURJ Is Here to Help

Still don’t know where to start? Did you miss the SIRE or SURE application deadline or applied, but didn’t get accepted the first go-around? Don’t get discouraged!

Contact erujstaff [at] gmail [dot] com ! With expert advice from current undergraduate research students, former and current SIRE fellows, we will guide you whether you need help finding a research project, tips on how to contact professors about potential research opportunities, advice on graduate school options and requirements, or insight on putting together a winning SURE or SIRE application.