Editorial Board

Kevin Ding

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Anqi Gao


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Joshua Buksbaum


Managing Editor

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Humanities Editors

Ekaterina Koposova

My name is Ekaterina Koposova and I am a humanities editor at EURJ. Originally from Russia, I  have lived in France and Finland before coming to the US. My passion for writing was initially  dictated by my fascination with classical literature. In college, I grew increasingly more aware of  writing’s importance for the communication of ideas that help the world advance to new  heights of knowledge and achievement. I am a senior majoring in Art History with minors in  Anthropology and Italian. I am currently writing an Honors thesis on Peter Paul Rubens, one of  the greatest painters of the Baroque.


ekoposo [at] emory [dot] edu

Angela Zaladonis

Angela Zaladonis is a senior double majoring in Biology and Human Health. She has conducted her own research regarding BMI and Perceptions of Health through Emory’s Center for the Study of Human Health. Besides being a section editor for EURJ, she is a Emory Pipeline Mentor, a Peer Health Partner, and Chief Administrative Officer of her sorority. Angela has special interests in preventative medicine and global health and hopes to conduct research in these fields in the future.


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Social Science Editors

Kenny Igarza

Kenny is a sophomore at Emory University studying Neuroscience and International Studies originally from Cuba and Italy. During his time at Emory, he has co-founded an undergraduate chapter of the Emory-affiliated non-profit organization “Haiti Neurosurgery Initiative” in the hopes of raising awareness about sustainable healthcare systems and making neurosurgical care accessible in rural Haiti. He is enthusiastic about giving tours for Emory and leading weekly trips for Volunteer Emory. Kenny is devotedly involved in the Gary Miller lab as an Undergraduate Research Programs fellow and is particularly interested about the molecular underpinnings of Parkinson’s disease. He hopes that his interdisciplinary academic and extracurricular interests will one day bring him to become involved with medicine and international science-policy.


kenny [dot] igarza [at] emory [dot] edu

Ashwin Ragupathi

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Matthew Ribel

Matthew is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and minoring in Creative Writing, hoping to later earn a JD/Master’s in Political Management. Coming from a research high school, he has eclectic experience in the mathematical modeling of both Congressional networks and the spread of Ebola, as well as in materials science and catalytic chemistry. He was previously a research assistant at the Goizueta Entrepreneurship Database Project, currently an ORISE Fellow at the Centers for Disease Control studying legislative and private sector engagement. Outside of the classroom, Matthew enjoys classical guitar, rock climbing, and political horserace coverage.


matthew [dot] scott [dot] ribel [at] emory [dot] edu

Natural Science Editors

Ian George

Ian George is a second year student majoring in Chemistry and Religion. He is currently in his second semester of research under Dr. Trent Spencer of the Emory Children’s Center, where his research focuses primarily on the use of CRISPR-cas9 technology to alter the expression of surface proteins on CAR T-cells in order to treat pediatric cancers. Aside from his research, Ian is also a member of Campus Kitchens and a TA for organic chemistry lab. When he’s not studying for classes or working in the lab, you can find him out running with the Emory Cross-Country and Track & Field teams. In the future, Ian hopes to persue a career in the medical field.


ian [dot] allen [dot] george [at] emory [dot] edu

Jaewon Jeong

Hi! I’m from Seoul, South Korea and planning to major in biology. I’m currently working in a lab at Winship Cancer Institute. My current project is looking at metabolic process of cancer cells, and how the process is helping cancer cells survive anoikis, induced cell death when the cells detach from the extracellular matrix.


jaewon [dot] jeong [at] emory [dot] edu

Stellina Lee

My name is Stellina Lee and I am a natural sciences editor in EURJ. I am a senior majoring in NBB and minoring in dance. I am currently doing research at the Lu Lab at Georgia Tech and am an EPASS tutor in gen chem and human physiology. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and food/wine tasting. I am excited to learn and review the many interesting research projects going on!


yun-hsuan [dot] lee [at] emory [dot] edu

Martin Riu

I am a senior Chemistry (BS) major and I do research in the Jui Group. My project focuses on discovering novel photoredox catalyzed coupling reactions. I am in the process of applying to Chemistry PhD programs and hope to someday be a professor and run a lab at a university. I am also the president of Emory’s Weightlifting Club and am an avid guitarist.


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Copy Editor

Merry Chen

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Graphics and Layout Editors

Steven Chen

Steven Chen is a freshman in the college and the Photos and Graphics Editor for EURJ. Although undecided about his major, he wishes to pursue a career in medicine and health studies. He has volunteered in a research lab at the Medical College of Wisconsin and shadowed at numerous hospitals in the Milwaukee area. In his free time, he enjoys railroad photography and tennis.


Photos and Graphics Editor

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Allison Irwin

Allison Irwin is a second year at Emory University studying Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and Philosophy. She is currently participating in research concerning peripheral nerve injury and regeneration. She is also involved in Global Medical Brigades, Hybrid Vigor, TedxEmory, and ChEmory. She looks forward to seeing the progression of this year’s EURJ.

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Design and Layout Editor

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Shweta Sahu

Hey! My name is Shweta Sahu and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I am a pre-med senior at Emory University, who is majoring in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. I currently serve as an editorial intern for the American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience, a Graphics and Layout editor for EURJ, as well as a lab assistant in a Neuroscience lab at Yerkes.


Design and Layout Editor

shweta [dot] sahu [at] emory [dot] edu

Special Features Editor

Natalia Brody

Natalia Brody is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology. This summer, Natalia worked at Caltech as a research fellow building a virtual reality platform for neuroscience research. She now works as a research assistant at Yerkes Primate Center. When she’s not watching one of her favorite characters be killed off of Game of Thrones, she enjoys baking, playing piano, reading, and traveling.


nbrody2 [at] emory [dot] edu

Website Editors

Bahar Jalalian

Head Editor

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Ellen Kwon

Ellen Kwon is a freshman majoring in Physics and minoring in Music. The past year she has interned at the Kharchenko lab at Harvard Medical School to do research on the analysis of statistical metrics in visualizing single-cell RNA sequencing data. Her academic interests are interdisciplinary and is interested in any kind of research at Emory. During her free time she often plays the violin and piano, and enjoys making music with others.


ellen [dot] kwon [at] emory [dot] edu

Abhinav Nair

Abhinav Nair is a freshman Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology major. Abhinav has conducted research on degradable antibacterial envelopes for implantable cardiac devices at Medtronic Inc. and hopes to continue to do research at Emory University. Abhinav looks forward to helping revamp EURJ’s website this year as a web editor.


abhinav [dot] nair [at] emory [dot] edu


Quentin Truncale


Head Publicity
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Miriam Lachs

Miriam Lachs is a first-year student. She is planning on majoring in the Quantitative Sciences with a focus in Biology. She has completed her own research on artificial bacterial transformation efficiency at the University of British Columbia. Her interests include using mathematical modeling to track immunity, the effects of different gut microbiota.


miriam [dot] lachs [at] emory [dot] edu

Lucy Galvin

Lucy Galvin is a senior from Boston, MA majoring in Neuroscience at Emory University. She is currently doing research in the Department of Physiology at the School of Medicine. Her research involves using mice to look at the morphological changes that take place in the thoracic parasympathetic ganglia (tPSG) after spinal chord injury. Last summer, Lucy travelled to India to meet with the 14th Dalai Lama. Today, she is working towards a career in medicine and has an interest in neonatal and maternal health.


mlgalvi [at] emory [dot] edu