Week 2- I am positive, I will make it! Muratore

So far so good, I am enjoying the EFOT course, even though sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all of this new technology. I am positive, I will learn everything, step by step. I love the way the course is organized, very clear and straightforward. I had fun using Voice Thread and getting to know the people in my class. VT can be very useful in my language class for the students to practice their listening and speaking skills. I would probably use it to give instruction for activities, to comment on the students’ VT and to explain grammar. I would ask the students to create weekly VT about their daily activities, or read a specific passage, just to practice pronunciation. Would be possible to use VT to create dialogues with two or more people?

One thought on “Week 2- I am positive, I will make it! Muratore

  1. Hi Simona, thanks for your feedback and yes! you are making it!

    Yes, VT can be used to create dialogues with two or more people. You can set up a VT to include specific individuals. There is so much flexibility. You should definitely ask Judy what she has planned and discuss with her what you’d like to see, as well.

    All best,

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