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A History of Violence

This site brings to light the terrible history of Lynching violence in the state of Georgia circa 1875-1930. Through a analysis of the newspaper articles reporting on these crimes, scholars have been attempting to express the complex network of relationships between actors and classify the types of interactions expressed in reporting from that time. Through analysis of the language used to report these events scholars hope to express the complexity of interactions related to these terrible events.

Prototype displays (development only)


Examined details about the 462 lynchings analyzed for the descriptive narratives and relationships expressed in news articles from the time.

Alleged Crimes

View the 90 categories of accusations made against the victims of these horrible events.

List of Georgia Counties

Lynchings occurred in 123 counties in Georgia and neighboring states.

Timeline of Lynching Victims

View an interactive timeline and map of these Lynchings.

Graph of Story Actors

An interactive network of the 7723 interactions between groups uncovered as part of the scholarly analysis of newspaper reporting from the time.