New custom location search option in AtoZdatabases

Choose a custom geographic area to search in AtoZdatabases: Target Company Lists.  AtoZ’s new mapping feature lets you search custom geographic areas in your target state, metro area, or zip code.

Many options for customizing your geographic area of interest are available. Choose from:

  • Draw Shape  – draw your own unique shape based on your area of interest
  • Define Radius – select a custom radius from a location you choose
  • Drive Route – identify any companies between two different points of a drivable route
  • Define Boundary – select states and counties yourself

Even better, you may choose to draw multiple shapes, etc., in the same search, and assign each a different color for your reference.

Once you have set your geographic area and other company interest limiters, AtoZ will provide company records for all that fit your criteria.  You can then download this list to excel.

Check out their How to Use Our New Mapping Feature handout for more details!