Audiobooks & Podcasts at GBL: No time to read? No worries!

Reading is essential…among many, many, many other things like homework, eating, maybe even sleeping sometimes. For most students, there’s so much course-related material to get through, it’s nearly impossible to make time for leisure or enrichment reading. Luckily, modern technology provides different ways to absorb books and other information on-the-go. Here are some recommended resources for finding audiobooks and podcasts through the Goizueta Business Library.

Overdrive Business Audiobooks

GBL recently acquired nearly 100 titles through Overdrive, one of the leading distributors of ebooks and audiobooks. You can access the content via the GBL website or by downloading the Overdrive app on your preferred device and adding Emory University as one of your libraries. (Note that if your local public library has Overdrive, you can add them too!)

Podcasts from the Wall Street Journal

Did you know that your subscription to the Wall Street Journal through the Goizueta Business Library also includes access to podcasts? From, scroll to the bottom of the page and under Tools & Features, click on RSS Feeds. You’ll see a tab on the far right for Podcasts, where you’ll find a list of seventeen different podcasts such as Watching Your Wallet and This Week in Barron’s.

Other Recommended Podcasts

The Wall Street Journal recently published a podcast listening guide, including recommendations from the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie Ben Gibbard, actor and model Ru Paul, and co-founder of Reddit Alexis Ohanin, among others.

Goizueta Business Librarian Malisa Anderson-Strait regularly tunes into NPR’s Marketplace Podcast. “More often than not, I only hear the last few minutes of the show on the drive home, so I keep it in my podcasts! I listen to it because I love how Kai Ryssdal covers key topics, and it’s amazing how often shortly thereafter one of these topics will emerge as key points in class projects.”

Saira Raza’s personal favorite: Radiolab. “I absolutely love how they pick apart topics in unconventional ways. The hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich have a way of making sense of complex ideas in science and philosophy through innovative storytelling.”

What are your favorites? We want to know!