Vault’s 2016 Accounting Rankings


vault accounting

On April 15th, as most taxpayers around the country scramble to file their returns, Vault released its annual Accounting 50, a ranking of the best accounting firms to work for.

When Vault asks accounting professionals what matters most to them in choosing an employer, they continually tell us that although prestige is important, it’s not the only determining factor.

In addition to prestige, accounting professionals find the following factors extremely important: firm culture, type of work, location, work/life balance, compensation, business outlook, and training opportunities.

As a result of these findings, Vault has compiled a weighted formula that reflects the issues job seekers care about most. They believe that this formula showcases those accounting firms deemed the Best to Work For.

The Vault Accounting 50 is based on the following: 40% prestige, 20% firm culture,10% work/life balance,10% compensation,10% overall job satisfaction,5% business outlook, and 5%formal training.