Why is there only one Bloomberg terminal for the business students?

Good question, and one we get often.  The very short answer is the cost as Bloomberg now charges academic institutions the full commercial price for each terminal.  But there is a part two to that answer:  You also have access to two other very comparable Wall Street financial analysis tools – FactSet and Thomson ONE – and each of these have advantages over Bloomberg.  More about these resources below.

First, some tips that might make Bloomberg more readily accessible to you:

    • The Bloomberg terminal is available for you to use virtually 24×7 during the Fall and Spring semesters – and the terminal sits unused a majority of the time. You can use Bloomberg all the hours that the Woodruff Library building is open (and the 24/7 access via the library is a huge advantage for the location of Bloomberg in the business library rather than at GBS).
      • Great times to use Bloomberg:
        • Weekday and Saturday mornings, until about 10:30
        • Over lunch and early afternoon
        • The hour before, during, and after dinner
        • Later evening and overnight
        • Sundays are generally very quiet until about 3-4 in the afternoon.


FactSet  and Thomson ONE, alternatives to Bloomberg:

  • Remote access to both of these is available now. Bloomberg usage is limited to the physical terminal.
  • FactSet
    • Requires individual registration for remote access; installed on 2 desktops in the business library for immediate access and more multi-company portfolio analysis.  Excellent 24×7 Support @877.FACTSET. Learn more about content and functionality from this Quick Start Guide.
  • Thomson ONE