Why don’t we have Capital IQ?  I really liked it at my internship.

UPDATE (published August 22, 2017): The new Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage platform now includes a “lite” version of Capital IQ. In fact, for frequent CapIQ users, the new landing page will look very familiar. You can search for companies by name, see top level tearsheet information, and even run some screenings. This “lite” version does not contain all of the same features that you may remember from the full version of Capital IQ, but it may still be very helpful in your company and career research.

Original post (published February 2, 2016):

We have received this request from other students over the years and have investigated a contract with them several times. We do want to facilitate students’ day one readiness to use the databases you’ll see on your corporate desktops. Unfortunately Capital IQ’s contract has many restrictions that limit usage severely to a subset of GBS students as well as limits the amount of  time during the year access can be offered.  We cannot justify the price to limited value ratio.

Although we know Capital IQ is a popular financial tool, we do subscribe to three competing vendors – Factset, Bloomberg, and Thomson One.  In fact, we subscribed to Factset a couple of years ago in response to positive feedback and inquiries from students returning from internships.  These three vendors cover a breath of financial content including U.S. and international public parent company financials, pricing, fixed income, derivatives, deals and league tables, analyst research reports, economic data, supply chain data, and much more.

If there is a financial data set you are seeking to locate, just ASK a Librarian and we’ll be happy to provide a recommendation.