4 Things to Remember about Accessing Harvard Business Review through GBL

4 Things to Remember about Accessing Harvard Business Review through GBL

I’m making an educated guess here, but “Do we have access to HBR?” has to be the most frequently asked question at GBL. The answer is “Yes, but…” and that’s when things get confusing. Here’s everything you need to know about your access to Harvard Business Review and other Harvard materials through GBL.

1. You can access Harvard Business Review articles through Business Source Complete

Full-text articles from Harvard Business Review are available through Business Source Complete going back to 1922. However, every year, Harvard places a download/print block on approximately 500 of their most frequently requested articles. So if you are interested in one of these particular articles, you will have to read it in the browser (or find the physical copy of the HBR, explained below in #4). There are two ways to find HBR articles in Business Source Complete. 1) Search for “Harvard Business Review” using the “SO Publication Title” field. You can include additional search terms here to narrow your results by topic or by author, for example. 2) Select “Publications” at the top of the page, search for Harvard Business Review within the publications, then browse through issues by year using the menu on the right hand side of the screen.

HBR BSC Search

2. Harvard Business Publishing licenses materials for course readings exclusively through study.net

Although you have access to Harvard Business Review through the Business Source Complete, it violates our licensing agreement to use the content through this database for course materials. For this reason, you have to pay for articles separately if they are part of course readings. Harvard Business Publishing wants to have complete control over the use of their intellectual capital. They have a license with study.net to be the exclusive platform on which their content can be accessed for academic teaching purposes. Also, articles or cases licensed for use one semester must be re-licensed for use in subsequent semesters. In other words, if you bypass study.net to access a Harvard Business Review article for class, you are infringing on copyright and violating our legal requirements to Harvard via our licensing agreement.  This rule applies not only to Harvard Business Review, but also Harvard Business Cases, chapters from Harvard Business Publishing books, and any other content owned by Harvard.

copyright permission

3. Full-text Harvard Business Cases are not included in Business Source Complete

Harvard Business Publishing does not license full-text cases to any database. You can view abstracts of Harvard Business Cases in Business Source Complete. However, if you want to download a full-text case, you have two options. If the case is part of a required course reading, it will be available on study.net. Otherwise, you can access cases from the Harvard Business Review website. Unless otherwise indicated by your program office, you are responsible for the cost. Faculty members can register here to preview Harvard Businesses Cases.

hbc bsc search

4. We have physical copies of Harvard Business Review in the stacks

Physicals copies of the Harvard Business Review going back to the 1920s are available in the stacks. Issues from the last 12 months are kept in the Current Periodicals section, located in the Matheson Reading Room on the third floor of Woodruff Library. These issues cannot be checked out, unlike older issues, which are located in the stacks on Level 6. The elevators to the stacks are towards the back of the library, past the Service Desk on the second floor and to the right, across from the water fountains. If you are trying to get a hard copy of one of the 500 frequently requested articles that are blocked from printing/downloads in Business Source Complete, you should head to the stacks to get a print copy.

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