Access options for JMP, Palisade and other specialty software

jmp logoGBS students have two options for accessing JMP: 

  1. Remote access via Apporto, GBS’ new Virtual Desktop for students.  Just login to (see detailed instructions below). 

  2. Download to your own computer.  Go to, locate JMP and download.  Note, there is no download option for Palisade.  

Accessing software via the Apporto Virtual Desktop:

Within your Apporto desktop instance, you will have access to core academic applications such as Microsoft Office 2019, JMP, and Palisade to name a few.  Be sure to sign in to Microsoft Office 2019 to get the most out of the application by following the steps below: 

  1. Launch any Apporto Office application and go to File > Account, and select Sign In.

  2. Enter your Emory email (NetID [at] emory [dot] edu) and click Next to bring up the Emory sign in screen. 

  3. At the Emory sign in screen enter your Net ID and password (Duo Security required to complete the activation).

Office 2019 OneDrive Integration:

While using Microsoft Office 2019 in Apporto, you can seamlessly access and save your Microsoft Office files directly to your Emory One Drive so long as you are signed in.  Go to File > Save As, and choose OneDrive –Emory University as your location to save files.

Note:  If OneDrive –Emory University is not listed as an immediate option, click “Add a Place” followed by OneDrive to bring it up as a listing.