BCC Research Expands Market Research Reports

BCC Research, traditionally a go-to source for market research reports on the life sciences (e.g. Medical Devices, Pharma, Healthcare), Materials (e.g. Plastics, Nanotechnology, Environment, Energy) and Information Technology, has recently expanded its industry coverage. 

BCC now includes reports on Finance, Venture Capital, and Startups, Consumer Products & Services, and Franchises. The addition of reports on these industries is in process, so the collection will grow over time. The Franchise Reports are unique to BCC!

While most of the BCC reports are global, each includes sections on geographic segmentation, meaning they will include data and insights about the industry specific to regions and countries within those regions. Each report also includes a section of Company Profiles, many with a SWOT for companies with a significant presence in the market.  

Tips for using BCC Research

  • Click on My Categories to browse reports in your industry.
  • Click on Company Index to look up a company and then link to the report(s) in which it is profiled.
  • In the search box, type: outlook – to locate broader “global outlook” reports on your topic (e.g. Analytics Market: A Global Outlook, Internet of Thinks (IoT) Market: A Global Outlook)
  • In the search box, type: top – to locate reports discussing “top” trends or “top” market players (e.g. Top Ten 3D Printing Companies, Top Ten Companies in Telemedicine Technologies)