Business Research Database Blog Series: DataPlanet

The Emory community has access to a wealth of business research databases. This series highlights many of these great resources, including content and the best applications for classes and career prep.


What You Will Find

DataPlanet pulls data from 550 databases sourced from over 90 public and private organizations, both U.S. and internationally. This includes 13.5 billion datasets. Data points can be filtered by county, MSA, census-tract, state, and country level.

DataPlanet covers a variety of topics, and you can browse the information and data that is available by subject, source, or geography.

Use for Class Projects

Since it draws its content from a variety of credible sources, DataPlanet is an excellent resource for many class projects that require you to gather datasets of all sizes from an outside source. DataPlanet also allows you to manipulate the data within its interface in order to conduct side-by-side comparisons and create data visualizations that can be exported into Excel and other formats.

Furthermore, for each dataset and chart, DataPlanet provides comprehensive sourcing material, including a bibliographic citation and links to the original source for further research and evaluation.

Use for Interview Prep

DataPlanet can help you gather current and historical data on a variety of industries and economies and will direct you to credible sources that will allow you to broaden your knowledge base before an interview.

If you are uncertain where to begin, DataPlanet provides a variety of Search Guides that will give you detailed insights on how to conduct a search properly in order to pull back the most relevant information.

Additional Business Research Resources

You can also use theĀ Business Research Guide to locate additional business resources, locate tips for how to use them, and understand which are best for your specific research needs.

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