Business Research Database Blog Series: NewsBank Access World News

The Emory community has access to a wealth of business research databases. This series highlights many of these great resources, including content and the best applications for classes and career prep.

What Will You Find?

AJC newspaper front page image

NewsBank Access World News  provides access to over 13,000 news sources in over 200 countries. Popular titles include The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC), Atlanta Daily World, The Augusta Chronicle, The Miami Herald, and San Francisco Chronicle.

NewsBank also includes video and web content for a TV stations such as ABC 2 WSB in Atlanta. Check the title list to see the variety of sources NewsBank includes.

In NewsBank you can:

  • Browse a specific issue of the AJC or other daily newspaper.
  • Run keyword searches within a specific issue or across a specified date-range
  • Create an account, using your email, to save articles, save searches, and create alerts.

See this tip sheet to get started searching NewsBank.

Use for Class Projects

Current and historical news articles are great resources to use in your course research. In NewsBank, you can track industry  developments and research global, regional, and local companies.  Local news sources may cover a story of national interest with a different perspective than a national news source, so you’ll get additional insights into a variety of topics.

Use for Interview Prep

When you’re preparing for an interview, NewsBank is helpful for researching both company and industry trends. If the company you’re interviewing with has been in the news, it’s important to be prepared to discuss that in the interview. Additionally, having current insights into industry  trends demonstrates to the interviewer you are knowledgeable and interested in the area you’re interviewing for.

If you’re considering moving to a different location for your internship or after graduation, local news sources can be helpful to learn more about the area and companies expanding into the area, or relocating from it. This can help you expand your target list of firms and explore a variety of career opportunities.

Additional Business Resources

You can also use the Business Research Guide to locate additional business resources, locate tips for how to use them, and understand which are best for your specific research needs.

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