Will you please add my favorite sweet to the candy bowl?

We often receive requests for specific types of candy in the GBL Candy Bowl, and we do our best to provide a variety of sugary treats for studying!  We order our candy from the preferred Emory vendors who deliver to campus, thus our choices are limited to that selection.   If you don’t see your favorite, hopefully you can find an alternative that will also give you a bit of a sugar rush.

You can thank your fellow students for the establishment of this popular GBL feature. A few years ago, a BBA Marketing class conducted a space study analysis for GBL as part of a class project.  One of the recommendations was a candy bowl to make the space more welcoming.  On average, students studying in GBL consume 67 pounds of candy per month!

If you’d like to learn a bit more about some of the candy iterations we’ve made over time, check out our earlier blog: I miss the tootsie rolls! What happened?