New to GBL Databases: CREDO Reference Unlimited

We’ve just added CREDO Reference Unlimited to our list of business databases. It includes 67 full-text e-reference books about business, finance, and economics. To give you some ideas of what you can find here, the business librarians have selected their top picks from the CREDO collection:


Encyclopedia of the History of American Management

Susan Klopper: Encyclopedia of the History of American Management is a great way to get biographical information on many of the authors whose articles you are being required to read, such Michael Porter and Warren Bennis. Learn who they are, their management style and teachings, and how they got to be some of the most well-respected thinkers in business education. Entries also include helpful links to related articles and books.





ultimatebusiness2011Malisa Anderson-Strait: I’m a big fan of Business: The Ultimate Resource in print and was excited to see that you can now access it online through CREDO. If you want a quick refresher on a key business topic, or want to read up on the details behind the buzzword (philanthrocapitalism!?), these short overviews include commentary from top business leaders and cover culture, strategy, competition, finance and more.




dkeconbook2012Saira Raza: Big Ideas Simply Explained: The Economics Book explains the history of Western economic systems going back to 400 BCE. It’s really interesting to see what has (and hasn’t) changed! I also like that they include a section on dependency theory, one of the core themes of my graduate school research at Cornell on economic development in West Africa.